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Selecting the Roof for Your Home – Things You Should Know

July 26th, 2011

Roof is the most important element of a house. It is the protective shelter, which keeps you safe from harsh sun ray or heavy rain. Therefore, while building a house, you should spend some time in designing the roofing.

The material of the roofing is the main thing to consider while planning the design. You should make this decision keeping in mind the type of climate you live in. Some roofing materials last longer in hot, dry weather, while some materials are specially made to battle the cold and rain.

There are different types of materials used for residential roofing – asphalt, metal, wood, slate and tiles. Each one the type come with some advantages and also disadvantages.

Asphalt is the most regular type of roofing. People seek this one for their houses because of its durability and low price. However, if you use for flat roofing, you may not obtain its maximum advantage.

Another type of roofing material is metal roof shingles. This one is good look and also comes in economical price. This is light weighted. You will find different types of metal roofing in the market, like aluminum, copper, and steel. The modern day finishing diminishes the chances for rusting, but aluminum cannot withstand the intensity of hailstorm. Copper may survive any climate exposure, but copper is highly priced and may not suit your budget.

Wood is another common material for roofing. It looks good but this type of roofing loses the brightness with time. This one is less durable than other roofing materials.

Slate is designed to endure the climatic hazards and can last for a long time. However, the price of slate is much higher than any other materials and may go way up your budget limit.

Tile roofing comes in different look and price. There are concrete, rubber, and clay to choose from. This is durable and last for a long time. However, the weight factor may concern you. This is the heaviest of all the materials.

Whichever roofing you choose, make sure to hire an expert and experienced roofing constructor to give your house the perfect finishing.

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