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August 26th, 2013

Commercial Metal Roofing Contractor in Texas

TPO Roofing Contractors in Dallas Texas

TPO membranes are single-ply roof membranes manufactured from ethylene propylene rubber. TPO is an elastomeric membrane that accepts roofing motion along with the damaging thermal shock.TPO roofs are resistant against ozone, algae, eco-friendly and safe to setup. TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin) is a single ply roofing membrane is commonly in use on residential and commercial buildings. In newer construction TPO roofing is a preferred method The TPO roofing membrane is usually installed with mechanical fasteners that place down on the edge of the sheet and are secured with the membrane and in to the roofs decking. Seam strengths are reportedly three to four times those of EPDM’s adhesive and tape seams.

TPO Roofing and PVC Roofing Systems

PVC roof systems have not had a good track record in northern climates and is preferred in southern states The PVC roof system seems to be losing some market share compared to most TPO roofing systems in Texas. TPO roofing and PVC are both white-colored single-ply roof systems which are both growing in popularity because of the belief that a reflective white roof works to aid the environment and reduce on electricity consumption making them both energy efficient.

What are some of the differences in TPO roofing vs a PVC Roofing System

When TPO roofing systems were first introduced to the roofing industry, it experienced many hurdles and scrutiny (much like PVC did). A PVC roofing system often represents a slightly greater investment compared to a TPO roof. There is often some resistance from many Dallas roofing contractors and metroplex roofing consultants from the Texas market use TPO roofing. This is because a lack of knowledge in using the product or not having relationships with the best vendors.

You should know that a TPO roof system is extremely resistant to tears, impacts from hail, and punctures with good flexibility to permit for building movement. TPO’s comes in standard colors. White, light gray, and black with thicknesses of either 45 or 60 mils. The width of the membrane is varied depending on the manufacture but they typically start with widths of just under seven feet and 100 feet in length.

The Membrane formulation contains no plasticizers or chlorine then it will not dry out or become fragile with each passing year. A TPO membrane can be offered reinforced and non-reinforced, the material is completely recyclable d uring the production process. The single ply PVC membrane is very comparable in appearance to TPO.

Fully-adhered signifies that the roof is “glued” towards substrate using a exclusive adhesive. What truly happens could be the glue creates a chemical bond while using membrane. Mechanically-attached membranes are the ones that use some type of special screw-type fastener to secure it. Any type of fastener will depend on the substrate but all fasteners are often screw-type fasteners.

TPO is cheaper than PVC, seems a lot more rigid likewise. TPO membranes generally forgo the cost of using “fiber” as an internal puncture barrier for using mass or thickness to deliver the illusion of durability

If your looking for a contractor you can count on to give you a quality product at an affordable price than look no further.

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