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Mechanical Roof Flashing

Roof flashings are specially required for commercial properties. It is a type of waterproofing solution used to shield protruding structures like vents, chimneys from a roof. Unlike residential buildings various types of building equipment such as air-conditioning units, vents, ducts and pipes etc., are placed on the roof of commercial buildings. This type of assembly can damage the roofing construction. But proper roof flashing can prevent water leak and damages.

It is important to engineer and construct the structure incorporating flashing so that it properly directs the water away from the structure. Improper installation of flashings can result in water penetration and mold accumulation. At Protech roofing, the leading Texas Roofing Company, we have skilled roofers who are experienced in flashing installation using mechanical seam. We also offer roof flashing repair service in Texas, Dallas Fort Worth, Oklahoma, Plano Arlington, Southlake and neighboring areas.

Commonly 3 types of mechanical roof flashings are applied:

Slate Roof Flashing: Slate roofing is ideal for Texas weather. It is flexible and highly durable even in extreme weather condition. But cost of repair and replacement can be high.

Steel Roof Flashing: Available in pre-formatted shapes steel roof flashing can be a lot easier and cheaper option. It is easy to install and can be painted for added protection. But in the long run this type of flashing is not really very useful as steel metal is subject to corrosion. To prevent your steel roof flashing from corrosion contact Protech Roofing Company for roof repair and maintenance services.

Copper Roof Flashing: This is the most expensive roof flashing available in the market. Copper flashings offer flexibility and increased durability with protection and shielding from water. Lead-coated copper flashings are good for humid weather condition.  Installation, replacement, repair and regular maintenance services for copper roof flashing are also provided by Protech Roofing.

Call us today for more information on mechanical roof flashing installation in Texas, Oklahoma, Dallas Fort Worth, Plano, Arlington and Southlake areas.

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