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Dallas Fort Worth Roofing Contractor

“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining” - Your trusted full service roofing contractor in DFW, Texas, Oklahoma and surrounding areas. We specialize in commercial and residential roofing.

Metal Roof Systems

Metal roof is the latest trend among the property owners in Texas, Oklahoma, and Dallas region. With increased robustness, durability and great finish metal roofing systems can give your house a complete new look and protection from top down.

Benefits of Metal Roof System

  • The major benefits of metal roof system are that it is energy efficient, easy to maintain and lasts longer than other of roofing systems.
  • You can have steel slate and tile shingles that reflect sunrays out to keep your home cool in daytime while the wood style metal shingles give your roof  that classic  look of cedar tiles with elegance.
  • Insulation property of Metal Roofing Systems helps to save your energy bills by reducing 40% of cooling cost.
  • It is true that metal roofing shingles are costlier than other roofing materials but extended life, warranty from installer and least maintenance cost saves money in the long run.

Starting from stainless steel and aluminum to copper and zinc alloy, different types of metals are used to give roofs different style, texture and finish.  It is the roofing material that determines durability, look and price. With steel thicknesses varying from 24-gauge to 29-gauge, you have multiple choices to pick from.

Installing metal roof requires specialized skill and expertise and toolset. At Protect Roofing Company we have both the experience and expertise to carry out faultless metal roof installation, replacement and repair. It has been quite a long time we have been serving Texas, Oklahoma, Dallas Fort Worth, Arlington, Plano, Southlake and surrounding neighborhood with success and professionalism. What you need to do is to dial 877-230-2003 to have the Texas Roofing Contractor right at your doorstep.

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