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Roof Moisture Scan

The leading Texas Roofing Contractor, Protech Roofing offers roof moisture scan service. Moisture scan can be part of your regular roof maintenance program. It can save you from major roof repair costs. Our experienced roofers can provide a comprehensive evaluation of the condition of both commercial and well as residential roofing to help the owner estimate and plan his/her budget in availing the service. 

Both residential and commercial property owners can benefit from Protech Roofing’s infrared roof moisture scan service to evade major roof repairs. Infrared Thermography in combination with other non-destructive testing techniques is used to detect temperature differences on the roofing. During the inspection problem areas are marked on the roof surface. To confirm the findings we use cutting edge infrared equipment and nuclear technology for precision. All of these are systematically presented in a comprehensive CAD Report to the client. Whether you need a roofing repair or roof replacement the decision can be taken on the basis of the report.  

We understand that Texas climate heavily affect roofing materials. Hence regular moisture inspection can prove highly beneficial for commercial roofing. It saves you from the huge expenditure of entire roof replacement of a large commercial property. It also extends the roof longevity. At Protech Roofing, the leading Texas Roofing Company, we have certified roofers and thermographers to give you accurate and cost-effective roof maintenance solutions.

Contact us to request a price quote for an infrared roof moisture scan.

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